Going trough some images today and came across this really great detail of a willow piece from a few years back. You can see the cotton threads surfacing through the layers of paper. This was one of the first series that I started embedding fibers in the paper. They spent some time with a corporate art dealer in Indianapolis but were never exhibited.



New work at River Light Gallery

Last February I had an exhibition at Hazel Tree Interiors that showcased my newest paper works. In this work, I started incorporating more color with the use of fabric dyes. I spent most of 2015 in the studio exploring this new direction and really enjoyed where it led me.  The majority of the work was sculptural but along the way I made smaller, more intimate sheets of paper. A selection of the latest  pieces are now available at the River Light Gallery at 1663 Main St. Peninsula, Ohio. It's a beautiful space with lots of great locally made artwork. The gallery is open: Wednesday through Saturday 11-5, Sunday 12 - 5. I hope you can stop by.

My Best- Sandra